The LIX Index is a project by Lucy Kimbell. This new version of the LIX Index was built by Sean Clark at Cuttlefish, to whom many thanks.

The original version of this project first took shape as a piece of writing commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and published online in 2001. A one-year version of the LIX, which I updated weekly, was commissioned by Arts Council England, Channel 4 television and Film and Video Umbrella for the Identinet project. The website launched in April 2002, with a short film broadcast on Channel 4 TV directed by Brad Butler, which you can view here. A simple archive of that website, including a year of posts in which I comment on my experience of living with the LIX, is available here. The original graphic design was by Damian Jacques, revised for the web by Carlo Tartaglia.

The re-launch of LIX Index forms part of 25 Frames Film and Video Umbrella's anniversary programme of screenings and special events in which stand-out pieces from the organisations past are re-staged and re-evaluated for the present.

How to keep in touch

For regular updates on the weekly value of the LIX (likely to be Sunday evenings/Monday mornings), please follow @lixindex on twitter.

Check in to see how I and other people I interact with are living with the LIX on the reports page on this website, updated irregularly.