Welcome to the LIX Index

Introduction by Lucy Kimbell

This website makes public an index that tracks my performance. 'Performance' here means many activities and behaviours that together make up my life. I gather 50 pieces of data, combine them, and out pops out a weekly value for the LIX Index.

This is absurd – how can I reduce the complexity of a human life to a number? And it's also secretive. Unlike other efforts to construct a Quantified Self the LIX project does not make the data public. Instead my index gives you a sense of how I am doing, but hides the details and only goes public once a week. Yet it still tells you something

When I did this for a year a decade ago, what was most interesting was how people took the LIX Index to be a proxy Lucy Kimbell. Its strange highs and lows became events I had to explain when I met friends and colleagues.

These days it's easy to capture data from a whole range of devices and platforms. People who are Facebook, Instagram, Fuelband and Twitter regulars are practiced at publishing their own data and interpreting that of others. So I decided to create a new version of the LIX. It measures some different things to what I included in version one, and I value many of them differently. What will be the result of this year-long public experiment? Follow me on Twitter @lixindex or visit this website to find out.

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